Microsoft reps take on first gen Toshiba 1080i HD-DVD players

I just posted the article Microsoft reps take on first gen Toshiba 1080i HD-DVD players.

It’s no
secret that the first players that are to be released by Toshiba for HD-DVD
playback, are limited to 1080i (interlaced) resolution. At least we have been
told this is the case for the…

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There is still no excuse! I doubt a 1080I signal could be recontructed to Progressive as good as a native 1080P signal. With the exception of Universal support and cheaper players, HD-DVD is losing its grip.

What a bunch of Bologne!

no-ones gunna be a 1st gen hd-dvd!

The man is right, it can be reconstructed. But the best display for movies would of course be 1080i/p/48, (2x24 fps) but the industry was too stupid to make the right design choice from the beginning. Poor people in PAL countries will still see all movies 4% too fast and the sound 4% too high in pitch (1080i/50… sigh) If they invent a new format (two formats, in fact), why can’t they just do it “right”? :c

Of course M$ wants Blu-Ray to to die and HD-DVD to be the winner. So, every things they say about all this, should be taken with a very big grain of salt…

half the product, half the price… so these hd-dvd players are supposed to cost like $600-800, ill give them $200 for one and not a penny over $25 per title. or wait - how about they PAY ME to waste my time watching their crap that isnt even set to a standard that will be reliablely reproduced in 5 years.

And I doubt you have any idea what you’re saying. Do you know what interlacing is? All the TV has to do is wait for both sets of scans lines to be sent, and you’ll have the full progressive image. The drives and communcation likely happen faster that was the actual playback rate is, so there won’t even be a delay. You should really had Blu-Ray then, using an old codec (MPEG2) instead of newer more efficent ones. The discs have to be larger to hold the 1080p MPEG2 files.
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For the disk this is not an issue because you can store directly in 1080P and let the player/TV set do the correct adjustment for their best output. For the player I really want to see if toshiba or other manifacturers will go out with the first HD DVD players stating that you can switch to 1080p later with just a firmware update… Besides I’m in the group that will boycott the initial releases of both HD DVD and BR… :B

Then why not 1080p on DVD? All you need is a latest processor.

Same here! Just wait until all the problems are solved, the prices are down, one of the two formats has become standard (if that ever happens) and they actually have a product ready for Market. So with all that in mind I see a minimum of 5 years until I can start thinking about it. lol Sacd has been on the market for at least 5 years. :slight_smile: (and also until it’s no problem to rework the drm and rescaling and so on (probably first on a hardware level))

All you people who wanna buy this CRAP are retarded. Why do you want to buy something that is going to tell you what you can and can’t do with it. Why are you going to buy something that will charge you money for features that should be free. I say Boycott both HDDVD and Bluray, because they are retarded. DVD is fine for me anyways, at least until DVDJon cracks these “new and improved” products.

We need high quality dvd movies. But first dont overprice the players. I would never pay more then $200 for a player. Thanks