Microsoft report: 20% of the users clicks phishing link within 5 minutes

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Twenty percent of Office 365 users who receive an email with a malicious link, clicks on the link within the first 5 minutes, according to report from Microsoft. For the report, the software giant analyzed billions of emails that were sent between January and September this year.

So that means 80% of folks don’t click on the link. I’m one of them…

I got one phishing link from someone who wanted to steal my email password. Although I realized right away that how strange and fishy the email was, I got curious and clicked it anyway (after disabling the JavaScript in my web browser for good measure). I got a rather convincing-looking imitation of my email provider’s website, but my own URL bar gave it away. I then went to that URL’s frontpage. Turns out the website was moonlighting as an art website.

Suffice to say, when this fake website asked me for my username/password, I didn’t give it anything.

If you hover the mouse over the link you can see where it really goes and also if you didn’t ask for that email why would you even click on it. And if you do you deserve to get infected-those computer shops needs work and you will pay dearly for stupidity.

Try telling that to the Bank of Ireland, which surprisingly tells customers to update details by e-mail, where links point to different addresses than the link text.

This is an example of a Bank of Ireland e-mail asking someone to update their photo ID:


My work colleague who received this printed it off and took it to the local branch. They confirmed it is a genuine e-mail.