Microsoft report: 20% of the users clicks phishing link within 5 minutes


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Twenty percent of Office 365 users who receive an email with a malicious link, clicks on the link within the first 5 minutes, according to report from Microsoft. For the report, the software giant analyzed billions of emails that were sent between January and September this year.


So that means 80% of folks don’t click on the link. I’m one of them…


I got one phishing link from someone who wanted to steal my email password. Although I realized right away that how strange and fishy the email was, I got curious and clicked it anyway (after disabling the JavaScript in my web browser for good measure). I got a rather convincing-looking imitation of my email provider’s website, but my own URL bar gave it away. I then went to that URL’s frontpage. Turns out the website was moonlighting as an art website.

Suffice to say, when this fake website asked me for my username/password, I didn’t give it anything.