Microsoft renames Skydrive to OneDrive – after losing lawsuit

We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft renames Skydrive to OneDrive – after losing lawsuit[newsimage][/newsimage]
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[I]OneDrive to rule them all, OneDrive to find them,
OneDrive to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.[/I]

Hah good one DrageMester.

Hey MS, the number 1 called and said they own the right to “one” names.

IMO its BS that Sky can pull that. Its like this BS with the Candy Crush game maker having dibs on the apps with “candy” in the name.

[QUOTE=ivid;2717572]IMO its BS that Sky can pull that. Its like this BS with the Candy Crush game maker having dibs on the apps with “candy” in the name.[/QUOTE] Be careful about using “BS” - [B]BS[/B]kyB might already have dibs on that! :cool:

I also wondered how on earth can you own the name SKY.
That has to be impossible surely…The SKY is above us. What about someone named SKY…This is All BullCrap…

It’s probably the Sky Broadband (subsidiary of BSkyB) trademark that was actually infringed.

Obviously broadcasting has nothing to do with storing files in the cloud, but “Sky Broadband” and “Skydrive” are both internet services. Storing files “in the cloud” is a selling point of internet and cloud service providers alike.

I can understand some people assuming both services are provided by the same company. Sky probably doesn’t want those people calling their tech support line over issues regarding Skydrive.

I always wonder why companies that are so vigorous in defending their own trade names aren’t more careful when selecting their own. :rolleyes:

This one is more of an own goal by Microsoft than anything else.


I guess Skyler Gray is going to be in some pretty deep trouble if she doesn’t change her name soon. I’m sure there will be a number of airlines stuck in the same boat.

Seriously though, why can’t companies use any name with the word “sky”? I’ll bet that Sky Broadcasting Group probably doesn’t care who uses their trademarked name, as long as they have a chance to sue for some easy money; why else would one actually try to take on Microsoft in court? They knew they’d win, and figured Microsoft would have plenty of money to give them. Personally, I’m not so sure Microsoft has that much money to give, since Microsoft’s most recent products have been highly criticized (and rightfully so).

It’s all about registered trademarks and Sky very clearly got there first.

The fight between Apple Inc. and Apple Records always amused me though as Apple Inc. were never going to win that one.

As I was implying above there’s no point in picking a name that someone else already has the rights to.