Microsoft renames Nokia to Microsoft Mobile – end of an era

We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft renames Nokia to Microsoft Mobile – end of an era[newsimage][/newsimage]

Microsoft will rename Nokia to Microsoft Mobile which marks the end of the famous phone brand name Nokia as we were used to.

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Nokia receives the “Kiss of Death” from MS. Wanna bet where they will be regarding market share in five years?

I regretted having to retire my Nokia cell .
On the up side maybe now I can get a Nokia next time even if it is called MS Mobile.

If you don’t care much about apps and customization of your phone, then get a Windows Phone. Otherwise, stay away from them. I have had a windows Phone for two years and next month my upgrade kicks in and I won’t be replacing it with another Windows Phone. It is good for just doing the basics but beyond that it is lame. It is a shame Nokia is going to be hamstrung by the Windows Phone OS as, IMO, Nokia has made some really good phones over the years. The Nokia 900 I have been using has proven to be a very good piece of hardware.


Hope they sell off the ‘phones’ division, but they’ll probably just close it down to minimise the competition. :frowning: There’s still a market for something inexpensive with a battery life measured in weeks, even if it can only do calls & texts.

I thought Nokia also had a cellular switching and network division. What happens to that??

The end of a era indeed. :frowning:

I’ve had numerous Nokia phones and it’s a shame that the name will be changed.

Oh well, gone but not forgotten I suppose. :rolleyes: