Microsoft removes option to use Google on Windows Phones

We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft removes option to use Google on Windows Phones[newsimage][/newsimage]

Microsoft has removed the option to use a different search engine other than Bing in Internet Explorer on some new Lumia phones.

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Seems as though Microsoft has found a great new way to reduce their mobile phone market share even further. :doh:

Why Microsoft is running towards their own demise is beyond me. In fact it is beyond anyone else as well (I Think) :smiley:

Haven’t you people heard? People taking the Bing Challenge prefer Bing over Google. Forget what actual statistics from independant third parties say, Bing is the best.

Meanwhile in our universe, Microsoft is once again showing proof ot the fact that they are full of s–t.

I used bing a few times, on new Windows PCs that hadn’t got Firefox or chrome installed (yet). It somehow listed important sites that I was looking for 10-20 items down the list.