Microsoft removes low quality apps from Microsoft Store



We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft removes low quality apps from Microsoft Store[newsimage][/newsimage]

Microsoft is removing low quality apps from the Windows Store in an attempt to improve the quality of apps. App developers have received an email with specific criteria to which apps have to adhere and the notification that their app is removed.

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This is a good thing. :iagree:


Windows App what…thought it was closed down because it was a malware site… :stuck_out_tongue:


Low quality? How bout Suspect!


Windows 10 N LTSB = No Windows Media related technology and no Windows Store. Only available in the EU and not available to the general public…
Which is why there are ways to trim down your Windows 10 Pro or Home installation to match it :flower:

The Windows Store, just like the rest of the stores out there removes user freedom to store their own installations offline for later reinstall and forces you to go to the Windows Store to do the reinstall unless you go through a lot of hops and loops like enabling ‘Developer Mode’ in ‘Settings->Update & Security->For developers’, grab the installation on its way down and make sure you pack up any ‘correct version’ dependencies the Universal app installation package has and store it with it which btw is not readily downloadable - easy huh? NOT!
An old style standard Windows installation package and its dependencies are both easily downloadable and can be stored offline for later use like some of my installation from way back in the late '90s which still works.

We should expect something in return for giving up the freedom of installing our software offline and loose access to it if should the app disappear from the Windows store right, surely they are more secure? Out of the box, Windows 10 Universal apps communicate and share data with each other and it is only a matter of time before before this communication is intercepted in a malicious way and that is before discussing geo-location and other privacy invading technologies part of it which is not covered here.

In other words, unless you are way above average knowledgeable, any purchase you do on the Windows store is a mere lease and nothing you own (and so basically you are throwing your money away). Ordinary Windows programs you purchase from the net on the other hand, you can store offline and install in the future even if the Windows store should go offline.

So there you have the the fantastic proprietary stores - Taking user (and programmer) freedom away, replacing a purchase with a lease and forcing programmers into a regime which is not there to support variety :Z


At least on Ubuntu, you can rebuild installed packages. If you want an old version of, for example, VLC (in case newer versions have bugs), you can just use sudo dpkg-repack vlc (assuming you have dpkg-repack installed, since it doesn’t ship with Ubuntu by default).