Microsoft releases Windows Media Player 9 for the Mac

I just posted the article Microsoft releases Windows Media Player 9 for the Mac.

With the
recent launch of iTunes
for Windows , Microsoft has now released Windows Media Player 9 for the Macintosh. The new Mac version of Windows Media player features a…

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Haha…iTunes releases on Windows and WMP releases on Mac. They should just share source of OS and be a happy family. :wink:

What would you call the new hybrid OS?
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I wonder if there still making the linux version


Personally I much prefer iTunes. Its easier to search for stuff, the interface is cleaner and it isn’t f**king betaware. WM9 is very buggy for a major application.

Brace yourself with a Mac media player 9, I sense an enormous shadow overhead…from another foot falling. As an OS I think “Mactivate Secure”
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There is already a second legal music download service that supports Macs (and incidentally, Linux X86). See .

In addition, I highly doubt that Windows Media Player 9 for Mac opens any of the other music download services to Mac users. I suspect these others all rely on ActiveX and/or hidden features in IE and Windows. It’s yet another reason why companies must design their web sites around open, documented standards.