Microsoft releases Windows, Edge and IE security patches early after Meltdown and Spectre disclosure

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Microsoft today released security updates for its software due to the latest news on vulnerabilities in CPUs from Intel, AMD and ARM. This is outside the company’s regular ‘Patch Tuesday’ cycle where the software giant releases patches each second Tuesday of the month.

[quote]They allowed an attacker to take control over the system when the user visited a hacked or malcious website or viewed a malicious advertisement.[/quote]This means stop going to PORN sites would ya…use that 2lbs of fat on your shoulder to “THINK”.

[quote]The vulnerabilities in Windows are less critical and allowed an attacker to retrieve information or to elevate his rights on an already compromised system.[/quote]This mean “Do Your HomeWork” and Keep your system up to date Windows and other Software there is a reason for keeping them up to date.

[quote]As usual, the updates are automatically installed through Windows Update for most users.[/quote]One is assuming they are using Windows 10 if not then “One” should really think long and hard and disconnect systems that are older O/S or block them from Internet Access. If you want to really protect then Offline is the way to go for older failed system.