Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 RTM to manufacturers



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The timing of this is provocative. This is not a single afternoon’s decision. This probably takes 7 or 8 weeks of having this as a fixed date - or having ONE fixed date - and then having that adjusted in the first few weeks of that time, then finalized - probably - 4 weeks ago. “OK, everyone get their fixes in and tests done. That’s it - accept no more.”

Then, it was probably scheduled for Friday. Last Friday. Ballmer-Day. B-Day. Bounce Day.

There will be speculation about whether Ballmer made this decision or if he was placed on that 'long walk on a short plank" situation. I think “forced out” gets more of a serious consideration for me because this W8.1-RTM Announcement is made sooo close. Over the weekend, the speculation was exactly that - “They’d have said that Friday but the Ballmer news threw a loop into everything else.”

I wonder which MS board members are filing statements to sell large blocks of their stock today? “Make me a billion, too!” (I gather that the new leader is already selected. After all, you don’t fire the head coach without having a new one selected, or at least a very short list of prospects lined up.)

For all the Win8 users, what’s your time frame for this 8.1 installation? Mine will probably be “Wait two weeks” again. Maybe wait some more after that IF the problems start stacking up.


I tried the win8 preview back in the day and didn’t care for it (not enough to shell out 50 bucks for it). Yes you can buy some third party programs which will make it operate more like win 7 (a proper functional start menu), but why would I pay 50 bucks to make a new OS work like the last one… so I never bothered.

8.1 seems to have acknowledge that issues but made a half ass attempt at resolving it. From what I read they brought back the start button, but if you click on it, it goes to a metro style start page, not a small corner box where you set up some easy options to access stuff.

Hopefully MS gets their **** together with Windows 9. They don’t seen the same interface for touchscreen and PCs. They can use the same background software but create different interfaces for different devices. Why not make a product that makes everyone happy.

They basically put all their eggs in touchscreens before they ever grabbed a foothold in that market. It was an odd decision. It was probably from the same people who made all those Xbox One decisions (which have now been repealed)