Microsoft releases Windows 10 build 10122 to Windows Insiders



We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft releases Windows 10 build 10122 to Windows Insiders[newsimage][/newsimage]

Windows Insiders that have subscribed to the fast-ring update channel have received a new build of Windows 10.

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Got mine today.  Still can’t drag items from the start  bar to the desktop or from the task bar to the desktop. What’s the point of a desktop if you can’t ad stuff to it.  Fortunately ClassicShell comes to the rescue…


I did a clean install of windows 10 build 10125 on to my Asus G750Jx Notebook and was impressed with the speed of the installation.
I have also taken the risk of installing this build on my main PC. Installation was much shorter than any previous builds. I am impressed with the new look and will give a stability report in a few days
Of course I have a complete system image of Windows 8.1 with all programs saved to a backup drive, so if there are problems I can restore to Win 8.1 in approx. 20 minutes.
Here are my WEI scores for 10125. This is on an Asus P8Z77 Motherboard with Intel i7-3770 CPU & 8G DDR3-1600 RAM & Nvidia GTX 570 video card & Kingston HyperX 120G SSD.

System Score 8.15
Memory Score 8.4
CpuScore 8.4
Video Encode Score 8.5
Graphics Score 8.3
Dx9 Sub Score 9.9
Dx10 Sub Score 9.9
Gaming Score 9.9
Disk Score .15


That’s not bad at all bernievink :wink: I have to say that I feel Windows 10 gets better all the time. Although I run it in a VM with 1 core (i7U) and 4GB RAM on a SSD it still feels snappy. I do have an issue that the start menu doesn’t properly work for some reason. However I’m still at build 10061, so I guess that’s fixed now :wink:


Yes Domin8tor the start menu has gone through several major revamps during the different builds, and now I am finally happy with the present setup. the start section is still the main part but it is now resizable and the Icons are much improved. but what I am really impressed with is the speed of this latest build.


You mean the performance has increased considerably?


Yes for instance this PC used to take 11 seconds from button push to lock screen, now it takes only 7. and there is a noticable improvement in programs opening and closing over windows 8.1 on this same PC. Even things like recognising USB sticks or SD cards appears faster. but the most impressive thing was the actual installation of programs, like Nero 2015, I am convinced this installation took several minutes less to install than before. and this is a three year old PC I built myself from parts brought at the local “MSY” store.


Very good news :wink: Seems MS is on the right way again!


Heads up Domin8tor build 10130 is available to the fast ring NOW!