Microsoft Releases Service-Pack Previews for Vista, XP

Pre-beta code for two forthcoming Windows service packs has been released to testers in the past week.

Microsoft Corp. has quietly released pre-beta code to two forthcoming Windows service packs to testers in the past week, but the company continues to remain vague about when the final code for Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Windows Vista SP1 will make it to end users.

Microsoft confirmed Tuesday that it released preview code for both XP SP3, but still would not say directly when the updates to each OS will be released in their final versions.

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Gee! Now all those pirate are gonna have to whip out that stupid WGA crap before they install it …

/me wonders whether MS has any intention of releasing slipstreamed versions of Winxp c/w SP3 for those rebelling against the borg … err … Vista.

Looks like that XP SP3 at present just seem to be the collection of updates since SP2. Nothing new.

Vista SP1 looks like they are going to be updating the kernel to the same as Win Server 2008. First time ever. Should f**k up nicely. :wink: Plus it seems they are going to be adding a few extras in.