Microsoft releases its own Linux

I just posted the article Microsoft releases its own Linux.

Submitted by: cheapcrew

Microsoft Linux provides all the power of the Linux Operating System with the ease of use you’ve come to expect from Microsoft…

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Well if it stays open source, which it hast to be, it’s cool…

maybe we can then perfect it even better…

where’s can I leech it?

Fuck you MicroSoft! I hope it doesnt works!!! HaHaHaa!

Very cool, iam already a tester. Hehehe

A fine piece of work, though I’m sure it flew about 100 miles over HoLMeZ’s head…IT’S A JOKE!!!

I especially like the bit about invading Cuba and the MS Linux Start Button!

Anyone know who did it?

Check the download section…very cool.

Just a joke !
But I like it

Just check the links and you will see how serious the whole matter is

CU !


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I don’t know who made it, but is was (and still is) a good laugh.


Charming! quite Charming!

VERY COOL. Have you read the Mars Colony monkeys…

I wonder who made this. He probably get sued by M$ for using their layout

Very cool!

I realy like this product!

ok, it still got some bugs, but, all software has bugs!


Looks like the maker of the page.used a microsoft program. 'cause the page is buggy a shit.
Although a nice joke

Very nice indeed. That guy knows how to make M$ ridiculous. The Cuba invasion was nice, especially the part about the toilet paper!


Microsoft Rules!!!

Hi! Fuck you Juhani! Don`t angry about this message! You understand this! Fuck You!

And again… Microsoft continues copying software from others and earning lot’s of cash…

MS is a very smart compagnie
They steel and than sell it

Billie Strikes Again