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I was at work and on the radio there was a warning or something that said that all business should check make sure that their MS products are registered. They said MS was gone to come to businesses and check all their product codes etc. If you are in violation it costs u like 150,000 US bucks for every pc with a problem. Now HOW THE HELL CAN MS DO THIS? Isn't your pc private property? Hell the law needs a warrent to do this but the people i talked to said MS dont need shiZZt. They just walk in get on your pc and do some checking. Any thoughts on this? PERSONALLY I THINK THAT IT IS A VIOLATION OF YOUR RIGHTS!



Well, if it’s in the EULA that you agree to, I guess they can, but I doubt it’s in the EULA.

Also, I believe that you can deny them onto your property, or deny them access to your property (I highly doubt any EULA that ordered that you must give Microsoft access to your personal property would stand up in court).

But, all of your software is legal, right? :wink:


Well my stuff at work we use is. But its the thought of them having the pwr bugs me.


Who says you have to let them in. The BSA has a radio ad in Florida about piracy. It must be getting to be a problem or something here.


MS or BSA cannot access your PC without your permission.
The only way they can accomplish this is is to have a search warrant and that has to be issued by a judge, so there has to be a reasonable suspicion and a criminal investigation launched.

At least this is how it is i the Netherlands, doubt it will differ much in the US in this respect.


Wait a minute… We need to find out more technical details?

For example, do they do some net authentication on corporate versions or somethin’? Hell, this is starting to scare me a bit too (seriously!)!


legaly they have no right to step on your property without a warrant


i am sure they will not visit you at home when you have one illegal product…
they go for the companies who buy 1 Office suite and install them on 50 pc’s

but he…if you do something illegal and they ask the judge…they can pay you a visit…

but why so supprised and scared?? you know you take risk when you copy illegal stuff


What do you all have to fear, you are all legit…at least this forum is…

If you break the law you have to face the consequences, simple as that. They will not come after you for one copied game, but as soon as you make a business out of it they will come down on you as hard as they can…and they should.

Businesses are usually given a certain amount of time to correct themselves (buy the licenses), depending on the circumstances (ignorance can get you far in this, but when itis obvious you deliberately used illegal copies, then you are in deep sh!t)


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microsoft, though, built it into your computer for IT to find THEM, which means they arent breaking ne laws besides monopoly ones


I think this thread is being interpreted incorrectly.
As much as this might kill you, visit this site:

On the front page it discusses the licensing policies changing. And that everyone will need to “renew”
Thus if a corporation chooses not to renew but continues to use the software it is considered an illegal copy of the software. Which would be why they would fine you.
Now about them walking onto property and just scanning the computer for this I think is very unlikely. It would take years upon years to check up on every company using microsoft products, and each computer within that corporation.
But if you have nothing to hide then whats wrong with them taking a glance at your computers ?? If a business does have one license and installed it on more than one computer they deserve to be caught and prosecuted. That’s all :slight_smile: