Microsoft pushes Zune out into Europe



I just posted the article Microsoft pushes Zune out into Europe.

Despite earlier independent assessments that Microsoft’s Zune player had failed to get into the top ten sales list of portable music players, the company executives seem curiously confident that they…

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It has been noted that some purchased songs, depending on artists [the figure given was ~ 50%] were locked against sharing, hence making the feature less useful.


this kind of issue is nothing really new though. some tracks will be altogether missing from a complete album, while some other tracks may require a complete album purchase and are not available as an individual-track purchase. also, with some online subscriptions stores, some tracks require a separate per-download purchase. this is all up to the studio. and, YES, i know it’s retarded. :stuck_out_tongue: some of these studios are just too money hungry to release all the tracks to an online music store and would rather sell it via a CD single to make more money. :S XP