Microsoft: PS3's Blu-ray is a burden

Microsoft: PS3’s Blu-ray is a burden.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Microsoft's Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg said the Xbox 360's lack of a Blu-ray player has actually been crucial to the console's success.

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Well partially, MAYBE. Now if they would have wised up and included a HD-DVD player in their box like Sony did with the Blu ray in the PS3 the format war may have continued or even swayed towards HD-DVD. Or maybe they would have finally combined the best of both like they started to do, OH WELL, it’s over now and at least BD movies and players are FINALLY starting to get cheap enough for regular folks to buy.

Hey MS, if you want to compete how about adding support for x264 MKV video files like you finally added support for Xvid a couple of years ago. All the new media players support MVK (popcorn hour, western digital Live HD etc…).

If you don’t I will be forced to buy a WD Live HD media player for only $120 and never bother with my Xbox 360 for media playback again, ever.

I think I’m gonna get a Popcorn Hour A-200. Just wish I could have XBMC on it.

Not having something so other company does have, and calling it a benefit, makes me think of story from the car industry. In the 1920’s, when Eddie Rickenbacker started a line of cars with 4-wheel brakes, GM started an ad campaign claiming that 4-wheel brakes were dangerous! Of course, when Rickenbacker went broke, GM started equipping their vehicles with… what do you suppose?

Denny G

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