Microsoft promises proactive sweeping for flaws

This might either raise eyebrows or prompt giggles, but here is the link for the article. Good reading, but I’m sure everyone will have their ideas about it. The interesting note is that patching for WMF was the fastest ever for any flaw (I suspected it, but only had it confirmed by this article).

Um … Executable Code stored in Data Files … to speed up processing of the Data?

Enough already!
If people had some damn patience, the security flaw would not exist :wink:

/me personally feels no “Data file” should contain executable code.

I hate MS office documents for that reason :stuck_out_tongue:

News Flashes
Microsoft promises proactive sweeping for flaws!
Debro Cures Cancer!
British Royal Family Lose silver spoon!
Pigs sighted over Dover!

You forgot

*Cows are flying :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! Watch your step!
[i]And it wouldn’t hurt to wear a sunbrero, or at least carry a fast deploying umbrella.


Has this not been said many times before, when a bad bug is found?

Cows are flying??? Too many asshools in this world especially USA.
Pusite nam svi Amerikanci, jer smo mi zajebani SRBIJANCI!!