Microsoft prepares to release copy-protected media



I just posted the article Microsoft prepares to release copy-protected media.

Following the example of other companies already deep into CD/DVD protection techniques, Microsoft thought they themselves should enter the scene with a copy-protection technology…

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“Smarte Solutions Inc. (“Smarte”), THE technology leader in piracy management solutions…” Oh yeah, since when was that an established FACT? LOL WTF are Smarte Solutions???


Oh yeah, this will stop copying. lmao :B :stuck_out_tongue:


“The speed at which Smarte got our replicators up and running with SmarteCD technology is a testament to the efficiency of its deployment process and its ability to keep associated costs low.” I think the speed at which tom bounded in from left field and started flapping his jaw is testament to the fact that we have another copy protection guru blowing hot air up our arses…:X


how smart can they be, they spelled smart wrong


Can’t Microsoft just lower the cost of their product and let everyone buy them instead of getting copies?