Microsoft prepares reply to iTunes, more DRM and music renting

I just posted the article Microsoft prepares reply to iTunes, more DRM and music renting.

Legal music download services are probably one of the biggest challenges on the internet. Beating spam and virusses might be number one, but selling music to consumers who can also get…

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Look, people will pay for music. The problem is people won’t pay an outrageous price for filler. That is why folks will pay 99cents to cherry pick the tunes. It’s STILL too much for a downloaded lossy product. If Bill Gates or his lackeys think they are gonna hold anybody hostage with this new cash flow program he’s cooking, he’s goofier than that fruitcake peddling Lindows. Imagine, to pay forever or lose your right to hear the music you busted your *ss to download with your equipment. I got 700 tunes and then the monthly fee goes up to increase profits or I lose it all. Dream on. I won’t fall for it. :r

Yes, people will buy music on line but they will never rent music and continue to pay to their dying day. When the music/cd/mp3 is purchased it should belong to you. Never rent or pay a subscription fee for anything as you will pay 10 times the asking price. Also DRM will be the nemesis of Microshaft.

Microsoft has so much money why don’t they just buy the music business? Like they are working to buy the game business? Microsoft spends more on tacos in the MS lunch room then Apple makes in a hundred years, but Apple comes up with something cool like the iPOD, can’t wait to see the crappy Microsoft iPOD, it will probably have a coin box and credit card slot with half the HD size, and will probably have 50 crash bugs.