Microsoft posts warning about Easy CD Creator

I just posted the article Microsoft posts warning about Easy CD Creator….

Already reported a lot about the problems with Easy CD Creator but now also Microsoft posted a warning on their site for Windows 2000 users saying that the software is causing PCs to…

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M$ should put a warning all over their site, saying their software causes PCs to crash :4

Now if MS would write a decent 64bit OS, which would release resources back to the system when a program finishes with them, I would be very happy :slight_smile: Windows Me sucks :4 for this problem

think roxio has some work to do

It’s not all Roxio’s fault. With WinXP there wil now be 6 different versions of Windows (not counting all the patches, service packs, and driver versions). It’s getting kinda hard to work with them all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Combine Windows & EZCD…ya get double amount of fuckups.

that’s not the only thing wrong with Easy-CD creator. it’s crap.:r

That’s no wonder with a program having built-in incompatibilities (most likely by cause) with other burning progs or tools! If this crappy soft wasn’t bundled with so many recorders noone would even know it (not to talk about using it).

> MS write a decent 64 bit OS… > Roxio has some work to do… > Crappy soft, blah blah… K, lots of solutions, but what about all the program writers all together themselves?? Over time, we (customers) have increased our demands for the softwares, and the competition between vendors has cut down the ‘time-to-market’ to an impossibly low level. It’s no wonder the developers can’t produce any good working software without bugs anymore… Just see the number of software updates, and frequency they come at. If software would be well-developed, I think the program’s size could be cut down by half, runtime and system load reduced by 30% to 40% and bugs recuded to nearly zero. So one small q for all of ya: Be patient, and let the developers do their work properly. If we have time to do it all over, then why don’t we have time to do it right the first time? :8