‘Microsoft plans to add support for running Android apps in Windows’

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Microsoft is planning to add Android support in Windows 8 and Windows Phone, according to a report

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This would be one of the smartest moves they could make, IMO. I hope it is done on all their OS versions.

I agree with you UTR, I would love to be able to have android apps on my desktop. Widgets would be even better.

This may only be implemented on new windows releases to get us to upgrade for this feature.

They need to make this feature available on their phone OS. It would be awesome to have the ability to run Android apps on a Windows Phone.

Lets not assume that M$ will actually be able to make Android apps function reliably in a Windows environment. I smell a virtual machine, and related demands on resources.

Maybe they try to anticipate on the new Asus Transformer TD300,to get a marketshare before this 1 becomes too popular and also the new standard:

That’s a worthless effort M$ should concentrate on fixing the Windows DEBACLE they created first - this looks like another M$ blunder again. How about this my Android has Google Apps store already why do I want to let M$ knows my Apps for? Sounds more like marketing and advertising instead of fixing some real Windows issues from Windows 8.

I see it as having more flexibility using Windows. IMO, this move is a sign that MS is starting to “get it” and I hope it continues. Anything that gives me more control over how I use my computer is good.

[QUOTE=roadworker;2719115]Maybe they try to anticipate on the new Asus Transformer TD300,to get a marketshare before this 1 becomes too popular and also the new standard:


I might have to get one of these.

This is an “If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em” campaign for hearts and minds which have given momentum to Android OS. Microsoft can’t get anything done without co-opting some of that success. In some ways this is a few steps BACK for Microsoft in order to take ANY steps forward… maybe necessary… but not without risk to Microsoft being able to $ell an O/S for money. Let’s not forget most android on tablets today are generally free & transparent, albeit not able to be upgraded quickly like a Microsoft OS. Intel and AMD want in on that cash cow as well before the billions being thrown at ludicrisly backwards android stops. Let’s not forget where we’ve been in the desktop & laptop environment. Anroid is nowhere NEAR reliable. Apps crash, lag, and do all sorts of windows 95ish behavior (w/ the equiv of 512mb of ram)-- but these companies know there is potential to leverage future development. Microsoft promised a tablet version of its kernel for the last decade in one form or another and failed miserably (with instant on from standby and 45 sec cold boot time). Motherboard makers were equally pathetic in their atttemps at creating an OS/BIOS hybrid. Let’s see where this train wreck heads next…

I have had a Windows Phone for 1.5 years and I thought there would be far more apps for it by now. If anything MS is loosing ground to Apple and Android in this area. I have an Asus Android tablet and it is ridiculous how many more apps I can get on it compared to my phone. It is a shame too because there are many things I really like about my Windows Phone. MS needs to stop following the proprietary route that Apple has gone down and be more open and user configurable. IMO, it is much easier for MS to take market share from Android than Apple. Maybe this supposed move to run Android apps is MS coming to this realization.

Sounds like a hackers dream come true.


I would have serious security concerns here.