Microsoft Plans Recall Of 14+ Million Cables For XBox



Microsoft has said it will replace more than 14 million power cables for its Xbox consoles due to safety concerns.


"Microsoft today asked Xbox owners around the world to return their consoles’ power cables in a bid to prevent them suffering singed body parts.

The recall takes in some 14.1m power cables shipped into Europe before 13 January, 2004 and in other territories before 23 October, 2003. The Xbox debuted in the US in November 2001, and to date more than 20m of the consoles have shipped. The recall covers over 70 per cent of that installed base."

Read the whole thing here

Also you can check your Xbox here



Am I right in thinking that “Mainland Europe” excludes the UK? If so, I don’t need the cable.


Well im down South in the UK and M$'s site sed I needed one, so what the heck. Better check tho, the link is int my post up there ^^^



I checked and it said I didn’t need one, guess it knows by serial number.