Microsoft planning internal HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360?

I just posted the article Microsoft planning internal HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360?.

We can read a report today coming from DigiTimes, that quotes some unnamed Taiwanese sources, claiming that Redmond has another version of the Xbox 360 coming…one with an internal…

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well this was about to happen wasn’t it?

This development, if true, might spur them into making the external drive capable of playing games as an internal drive and a optional add-on drive for the older units may entice game makers to utilize the HD-DVD media to put their games on. In this way the X360 could then compete with the PS3 as a true next gen gaming system.

hope they do, there are rumours that it would be £400 or £150-200 for the drive alone. £399 for premium inc hd-dvd aint too bad as long as its built in and not external.

this is great news, this is exactly what I wanted. Now! they better include a HDMI 1.3 port as well.

“they better include a HDMI 1.3 port as well.” I was thinking the same thing. It will be important it seems, as the PS3 will have one. Man, I love competition! May the price wars commence! :d

UUUUUUgh ! The format war prolonged even more because of this travesty ! #$%@#%$*

If the HD DVD will have success it will surely happen, and really makes sense, but WITHOUT GAMES. MS will never force their user to change their xbox 360 just to play games that will remain available only on DVD

Good move.