Microsoft piracy letter angers partners - It's just a warning

I just posted the article Microsoft piracy letter angers partners - It’s just a warning.

Apparently Microsoft is sending out letters to their own resellers, that implicates that the company is not really sure about if their business is legitimate. Altough the software giant does not…

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Don’t tell me microsoft is going to pull a RIAA, oh we’re loosing so much money, we’re only making 3.2 billion dollars a year, omg we’re going broke. Well boohoo, I feel so sorry for Microsoft. Let’s all write letters to Bill Gates expressing how sad we are and send him a donation.

I hear bill is impotent…well that will happen if you throw your dick out your front door and try to fuck the world…:7

Gee the richest man on this planet. Hey Bill listen up how about sending some fat cheques too the amount of (£)1,000,000,000 to each and everyone of us poor members, especially us brits so we can afford too live. :4 you cannot take that money too the grave with yah! We will all fly over and dig it up lol. Greetz Too all The Diplomat:8 Yup it would keep me in good supplies of cigars for ever! ;)< Do I smoke? Hell no :4

He has more money then he’ll ever, ever be able to use, and the company makes profits, in the billions. Not revenue but profits. If I owned a company and after I paid myself, and my employees enough to a live a happy comfortable life, and only had one dollar as a profit to show for it. I would be doing a freaking Irish jig.

Who cares… the news is fake…

Bill so rich, damn. I went to the doctor and he gave me six months to live. I told I couldn’t pay the bill, so he gave me another six months!

or it could be that resellers are selling more linux boxes and even if they are selling MS systems, who says they can’t install other software that does the same thing like star office for less money to the consumer?