Microsoft orders Blu-ray Xbox 360 from Taiwanese company

I just posted the article Microsoft orders Blu-ray Xbox 360 from Taiwanese company.

According to the Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDM) newspaper we can expect Blu-ray fitted consoles from Microsoft by this year’s third quarter. After a few rumors and Microsoft denials we…

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Well, I will believe it when I see it. this will push the Xbox pricetag up considerably. Also, I cannot imagine watching movies with an Xbox 360 in the same room.

Im not too trusting of these Chinese companies… XBox 360 sales are doing just fine… Im sure Microsoft doesnt want anything to do with their rivals standard… Besides, we would at least hear of a Flu-Ray add-on before we would hear about the consoles featuring it… It may happen, I just dont see it happening anytime soon…

If Microsoft sells an intregrated BD in the next 360 without enabling external usb BD for current folk-mine is in classifieds.

I think they should just skip the whole blu-ray till the next xbox. By then, blu-ray should be cheap enough to include. Also, if they really wanted to include it now, it should just be an add-on. Another note dealing with price would be if they include it built-in, then I guess they would have to sell it for $400 to compete with PS3. This would mean current xbox’s (including Elite) would have to be like $200 and $300. Which, wouldn’t be a bad move either, except they wouldn’t be making as much money.