Microsoft opens form to report hate speech on Skype, Xbox Live, OneDrive and Outlook

We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft opens form to report hate speech on Skype, Xbox Live, OneDrive and Outlook[newsimage][/newsimage]

Users of ‘Microsoft hosted consumer services’ like, Sway,, Skype, Xbox Live or OneDrive can now report hate speech to the Redmond technology giant.

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Soon in this PC world people will be too scared to say anything in case it offends someone…

Ok, I’ll send them some nasty emails & see if they qualify as hate. There they go again munchin on liberal knobs!

On my favorite car board most of the users are pretty right wing. They prohibit talk about politics, religion, or guns.
Because everyone is would up about this years presidential election they decided to open a political forum till the election is over.
Now I see why they prohibit what they do. 90 percent seem to be Right wing Trump supporters and anyone who posts a opposing viewpoint, even with valid links to support their case are called stupid and worse, so are all the left wing candidates, all kinds of very hateful names and views, It’s a wonder any of these folks ever have a happy thought or think anything here is going well they way they hate on anything not within their little sphere of beliefs.
I can see why Microsoft would want a valid reporting system for hate speech as I’ve seen a lot of it lately and will be glad when the election is over so maybe we can get past this crap a bit and try to get along.

I’m sure people will abuse the “anti hate speech” form. If Microsoft is anything like Facebook (with their “real name” policy, or whatever they’re calling it now), they will be working closely with governments and corporations to ensure opinions outside the biased realm of of what they talk about on news shows like Fox Newsget censored. Reasons why one should vote for the next Bernie Sanders will be censored. Reasons why Trump is a nonstop hate-mongering machine, or why Clinton may or may not be a murderer will be censored. On the other hand, reasons why the US should continue bombing the **** out of Muslim states will be encouraged. Likewise for statements about how canceling welfare, or allowing the rich to live tax-free will also be encouraged.

Whether you feel one way or another with any of the above, you should still be granted the right to talk about these and other issues. Facebook has been using it’s “anti-abuse” policies to stop this kind of speech. Who’s to say Microsoft won’t be next? After all, Microsoft was probably inspired by Facebook’s other sins, which could be why Microsoft has become the controlling, surveillance-happy company it is today.

I wonder how many people realize that they are being played by the same people that control nearly every government leader currently holding office regardless of political party affiliation? The definition of insanity is electing the same career politicians election after election and expecting different results. The people that thought Bernie was a renegade found out the hard way that he was no different than a Clinton, a Bush or Obama. He filed right in line, as was expected, as soon as his usefulness was over. Almost all of us want the same thing in life but we let these few super rich people keep us hating on each other just like they want and engineer to happen so they can continue controlling our destiny. I doubt we will ever wake up to how mentally manipulated most of us have become.

While I agree that the media controlling world this has become is designed to manipulate and control ≈90% of the population to cater for the safety of the ≈10% richest and stop the rest from seeing the truth and revolt.

I also agree that politics should be defined by the four years in between elections and that we should stop listening to their election campaigns serving us nothing but lies as both sides are [B]exactly[/B] the same, namely catering the ≈10% richest to even more and the rest of us to less (only history is needed to say that’s the fact and a middle class to balance the whole thing does not change that fact).

Can we please stop hinting the U.S. election now? :flower:


What’s your ethnicity?