Microsoft officially kills the Zune HD



Microsoft officially kills the Zune HD.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Tuesday is the day that Microsoft finally confirmed the death of their Zune HD player. On Monday the product mysteriously disappeared from the Zune site and Microsoft was quick to claim it was “a mistake” but not 24 hours later the company announced it would no longer be making the Zune.

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Microsoft has no strategy to fight for the tablet platform… apparently what they thought wouldn’t catch on due to historical dominance in the PDA market with WinCE was taken for granted. Windows 8 might be the first operating system where Android might even compete on the desktop playing field. Even though MS sits on a mountain of cash it’s unlikely they’ll be able to stop google’s success. Killing the Zune is evidence that they are in retreat to come up with a confident strategy. If there was something worthy of consumer’s money, they’d be shouting it from the rooftops. What’s being done now is “WINDOW DRESSING”…


And on a completely unrelated note, I quit Myspace.


If the WP7 phones had an HD FM radio and capability of adding external storage cards to expand the memory beyond 16 GB, I wouldn’t mind. I have a Zune HD 64 GB, but would replace it with a WP7 phone if it could completely replace my player.