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Not CDR news I know but it’ll effect most of you…

MS Office XP final is now out. I dont think it’s available in the shops yet but I know that it has already slipped into the murky internet…

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I’ve had this for a couple of days now and, I ain’t witnessed any experience!

You see its XP(experienced) because its almost exactly the same as Office 2k so if you upgrade to XP you now have experience. God that was lame anyhow pretty much the same damn thing, wouldnt waste the money on it, but then again who spends money on software anyways? :4

The iso version was nuked for obvious reasons, hopefully soon the corporate ed. will be out.

ye both rip and isos where nuked. Because of rip was oversized. Iso was nuked because it was stolen rip and has a bad bin :)Only good iso out is the german one: :frowning:

Yep, German work is much better :wink: BTW: I will never use Office XP (stands for eXPensive) but Micro$oft Windows eXPensive will rock I hope.

There is a good release out. The Fatigue release is by all accounts still easily available and fully working.

I’ve spotted a FEW nice new features. Outlook now sends and recieves from all e-mail accounts at the same time - useful if like me you have over 5 accounts, especially when one gets stuck sending or recieving an email. Also has a ‘test’ facility when creating new e-mail accounts to test the settings are correct. It’d be worth the upgrade for around £15 or so :slight_smile:

I also have the FNC release, I am very happy with it. I have only noticed a few things different, but like I said I’m very happy. I bought the (for retail use only) version of Office 2000, it is on 2 CDs and a pain in the ass. It is always asking for the CDs during upgrades, and wants you to switch back and fourth. Now it is on 1 cd and that makes me happy. Also, my 2000 version did not come with Frontpage 2000, the FCN rip (441MB) does :slight_smile: If you look at the help>about link, it lists it as Microsift **** 2002 :slight_smile:

I have the same version. Still has a few bugs in it. There should be a second cd for officexp. The second cd has publisher on it. Anybody have this cd?

Any idea why the June 21st update for Word 2002/XP ( does not work with the FATIGUE Offixe XP Pro Plus Final Release? Winword.exe is not the right size, therefore fake release???