Microsoft Office 2000 SP2 Free!

I already went here as did a number of my colleagues,and it’s 100% legit. Got get it now before the s.o.l. runs out :slight_smile:

I might be wrong but having visited the site it looks like you will be sent SP2 on a disk. This will only allow you to update an existing Office 2000 installation to SP2.

Have you received your order yet and confirmed that it is the full product?

Not yet,I already have Off.2000 on my home PC,I will post when
this arrives,stay tuned

it could be posibly…in australia about 2 years back, they (accidentally??) had office 2k pro as free eval software.

full thing, in the box, exact same as the retail version.

i definatley got mine.

I received it on Thursday in a brown Jiffybag directly from Microsoft…definitely legit,everybody,go get it!!!

So. Was it just the Service Pack 2 CD or was it the entire Office 2K Premium suite ?

If it sounds too good to be true…

Well, I went through all of the process to get it except I didn’t hit the "submit’ button.

This has a product # A96-01813 from Microsoft. It’s the SP2 update cd for Office 2K Premium. I did a search on the part # to confirm it.

If you were hoping to get the Full Office CD, you’re out of luck I guess.

No,Spaz,i already have it ,all I wanted was the update,so I did good,sorry for any confusion anyone experienced,but it does say Service Pack 2,and I did say above that I have it on my PC already…


Doing the search came up with an average price of about $20 USD for the SP2 cd, so free was an excellent deal !


I’m not sure, but is there a similar promo for Office XP yet?

Well I got my SP2 update CD delivered to my house on Monday.

if you have MS Office 2000 and need the SP2, this is the way to get it.

Great,I’m happy you got it,are you PD or FD?

Originally posted by Ruffrob
are you PD or FD?

PD. We also have 19 rural FD’s online for dispatch.