Microsoft offers ‘Windows 10 Specially-provided Edition’ to Chinese government



We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft offers ‘Windows 10 Specially-provided Edition’ to Chinese government[newsimage][/newsimage]

In addition to the regular versions of Windows 10, Microsoft also has a lesser known version of its latest operating system. One specially developed for the Chinese government. The version goes by the name ‘Windows 10 Specially-provided Edition’.

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“fewer of Microsoft’s consumer-targeted apps and services” probably means no telemetry, the Chinese wouldn’t touch it with a 10ft pole otherwise…


I hope the Chinese continue with their plans to replace Windows with GNU/Linux, rather than giving into this sales pitch. Since the Chinese government has too much power over its people, and since proprietary developers have too much power over their users (including governments), I’d hate to see Microsoft make life for the Chinese people even worse than it probably is.