Microsoft not pulling Xbox from Australia - Xbox goes down under

I just posted the article Microsoft not pulling Xbox from Australia - Xbox goes down under.

A few days back we reported Here that Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer reconsiderd selling the Xbox in Australia where modding your console is legal, but now Microsoft came out with this…

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SO !! Bullmers full of bullmershit… Da Da Duh Duh Duh…a ceo bites the dust…and another one down and another one down…another one bites the dust…:4…:7

I’m sorry if someone pays $200.00, $300.00, and upwards of $400.00 dollars for a piece of equipment they should be able to do any damn thing they want with it. Hell even if they pay 1 cent for something they should be able to do whatever they want with that product. What next ? Are we gonna go to the grocery store and buy food and the instructions on the box will literally be instructions. If you don’t cook it that way, or you try to make it with something else they’ll sue you?

It’s not our fault Microsoft sold their equipment at a loss and assumed they could cover the costs with the games. This is why you shouldn’t assume, just sell your hardware for the same price it costs them to make it. Then keep the money from the games. And if people think the console is too expensive. Find a cheaper way to make it. I don’t know what MS is bitching about, it’s not like their going broke.

chsbiking, guess you don’t know much about business or copyright…or much of anything else

ridiculous. it was clear from the start that MS would never abandon such a big market as Australia. If MS disappears, Playstation will win, and MS can’t allow that.

As opposed to the wealth of knowledge that you left on the board. It’s great to see that you can criticize other people’s opinion. Now lets see if your smart enough to form any of your own.