Microsoft: No Zune gaming unit coming soon

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Even though Microsoft continues to publicly deny the possible development of an Xbox handheld unit designed for mobile gamers, there are still dozens of reports and articles published regarding the…

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I personally am getting the new ZuneHD when released but still getting the PSP Go as well.

Right now Sony offers the only choice for hardcore gamers on a mobile gaming platform. The DS looks and feels kiddie. The graphics are substantially poor than the PSP’s and the game content is usually consistent with an appeal to the under 14 crowd. Sony offers a great deal more for the 15+ crowd but they ignore their American based supporters by refusing to add a second analog stick, amongst other things. If Microsoft offered a competent gaming device and could faithfully port some of its best selling titles onto the device, while maintaining the quality of the Zune’s playback capabilities I’d definitely buy the device over anything else in the market.