Microsoft: No data for company iPhones, Blackberrys

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It’s not surprising that a company would cut certain fringe benefits in tough economic times, but a new measure at Microsoft hits employees in a peculiar way.

The company confirmed to Ars Technica…

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Those who work for Microsoft have to sell their souls to the Gates of hell.

Well, if I had a company selling a product, I personnaly wouldn’t like to be the one paying for other products used by my employees.

They can do whatever they want with their salary, but if you are directly using the company’s money, then you are going to use our available products for the job.

They are not restricting anything, they are just giving the choice : either you pick another company’s product and pay for it yourself or you get the company’s product and the company will pay for it.

Besides, if I saw a Microsoft employee working with an Iphone, I’d be laughing very hard.

The simple solution - Everyone should use a phone running Windows Mobile!

Agreed. It’s not uncommon for companies to ask employees to “eat their own dogfood” so to speak.

Maybe i am getting something wrong, but the fact that a device runs WM does not make it a product of MS. Employees would still have to pay for purchasing the device, unless MS has an agreement with one of the mobile hardware companies and gives them out for free to employees. Right?

It isn’t whether the devices are made by MS, it’s that the devices don’t run the OS made by MS. Do you think McDonald’s would pay for lunch for their employees to eat at Burger King? It makes perfect sense that MS wouldn’t want to pay for its employees to utilize and thereby promote the success of a competitor’s products.