Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000 for $10 after MIR



Here’s what you have to do because there are restrictions to the rebate. Go to a store that will price match Best Buy’s current sale price of $30 for the MS Natural 4000 keyboard. Make sure it is not one of the stores on the rebate exclusion list. This is very important. Then use the rebate at the following link for an additional $20 off.

Stores that are on the exclusion list are:
Sam’s Club
Best Buy
Office Max

This rebate appears to be through Microsoft and not Amazon so it should work. I’m going to go for it because one of my cats knocked a glass of water onto one of my Natural Pro’s and some of the keys no longer work. :rolleyes:

EDIT: I don’t know if it would be possible to use the 12% Staples coupon with this or not since it would involve a price match.


This too much of hassle to get in to and is not realy worth the effort.


Staples also has it’s own rebate form for this item…


Just got back from Staples and getting some ice cream. Was able to use the 12% Friends & Family coupon w/o any problems at all. No problems with the price match either. Got out of Staples for [B]$27.97 less $20 rebate = $7.97[/B] plus postage. Not too shabby.

A buddy of mine with with me so I gave him the cash and he got the same deal. I’m going to use his address for the second keyboard’s rebate.

If you don’t like the split keyboard obviously you won’t want to bother. Some people love 'em and some hate 'em. I can’t use anything but a split keyboard anymore.


good find Dr. M :clap:

[semi-off topic]
I never could get the hang of split keyboards, but I did find a nice hybrid awhile back that I really like. its a microsoft comfort curve 2000 and it has a gentle curve on the main key section but without the split, also the key stroke length is about half way between a laptop kb and a standard kb. very subtle things, but whenever I use a standard kb now it just doesn’t feel right[/semi-off topic]


Use Intellitype and Intellipoint 6.1 at your own risk! I updated to this version about a month ago. Started having graphic flashes and flickering mostly in Photoshop but in other graphic programs too. I forgot that I had updated to version 6.1 prior to noticing this problem. This eventually led to reformatting and 3 weeks of
shit trying to figure out what was wrong with my system. I had come to the conclusion that the video card or mobo was dieing. After reading your post I remembered that I updated the software. I installed it after the reformat not having a clue that this was the problem. Uninstalled it and went back to 5.5 today and it fixed the problem. :a
Oh well, it was time for a good cleaning out anyway! :wink:


haha, leave it to microsoft to write software thats not compatible with windows :doh:


Here’s good news for those that are interested in this keyboard and missed the Staples Friends & Family 12% coupon which ended Tuesday evening.

Provided you can get CompUSA to do a pricematch with Best Buy’s current circular you can get this keyboard for $5 after rebate and before applicable sales taxes. CompUSA has a $25 rebate for the same keyboard here…

FWIW, I don’t use IntelliType/Mouse software and haven’t in several years. I just like the layout of the keyboard. I absolutely love my old Natural Pro keyboards but both of them are five years old, [I]very well[/I] used and the cat ruined one of them. I’ve even looked at buying the same model (the one with the built-in USB ports) on ebay but the used ones are selling for as much as the sale price at Best Buy this week. :eek: That just sounds a little silly to me.


Wobble, thank you! I’ve been having the same symptoms too. You saved me a lot of work trying to find the cause.


I can’t believe it! I ordered this at the beginning of the month from Amazon for $28.48 after a $20 rebate. Let’s see if they pricematch.