Microsoft moves to own DVD format, HD-DVD movies launched

I just posted the article Microsoft moves to own DVD format, HD-DVD movies launched.

In a move to conquerer the home  entertaiment market, Microsoft has started to market their propertary HD-DVD  format. The movies Shadowns of Motown and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, will be ...
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Hi-Def MPEG4 variant. That is all. Not Hi-Def MPEG2 which is what Blu-ray uses I believe. So it’s bound to be not as good.

actually according to USAtoday and this HD version is 1080p which is higher quality than braodcast HD.

as people become a little bit more choosy and techno savvy one would think the way to go would be to make the decision of choice simpler…I guess I’m not thinking outside the square…:x
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This is stupid. Actually, the DVD war is in progress, and Microsoft is (as always) punching in. They’ll never make their proprietary format popular. Sorry to say that. Nobody could FORCE me to use only one software to watch a movie. Not to mention MS Media Player’s LACK of functions (although v9.0 is pretty much OK). Screw those who limit the user’s choice.

Deadman: mpeg 4 in most respects is a far superior codec. :B