Microsoft moves to chip customisation for the next Xbox

I just posted the article Microsoft moves to chip customisation for the next Xbox.

According to sources, Microsoft plan on making a customised version of
its next game console under the experimental name “Xbox Next”. Their aim is to make a more customised
box not only…

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I wish Microsoft a long and painful life. Remember when a console came out and they just made games for it? I’m surprised they did not call it the “XBOX act 1” I’d rather have a pile of good games that push the hardware then a zillion soulless games that just show off the how much faster the hardware of today is.

My machine is reasonably high end…tried a game the other day, installation stopped and said my graphic card wasn’t good enough…so what?..I’m going to buy a $ 300 graphic card to play a $ 80 game…??..yeh right… Sure, let games explore the boundaries of computer technology…but to reject them completely ??.. Am I to assume that game coders today are elitist smackheads writing games for the plasma PC with the 3D holographic projector…who sets the pace ?..hardware makers or coders…what will I own in 6 months…a $ 3000 word processor…developers who do not implement a modicum of backward compatability cut their own throat…:X

hell yeah!! they’re choosing ATI for their next graphics chip. I can’t wait