Microsoft may want to use non-standard media for Xbox 2

I just posted the article Microsoft may want to use non-standard media for Xbox 2.

The Register reports us that the Microsoft corporation is looking for an engineer for the development of the “Xbox Game Disc for the next generation Xbox console”. According to the…

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Do they know stopping piracy is going to kill xbox sales? Its what made the playstation and playstation 2 so popular and made nintendos and segas difficult to pirate games less popular. Piracy = profit

As long as it can read DVDs and CDs people will still beable to play backups. Anyone remember Dreamcast?

Yes, but as they don’t make any money on the actual sale of the X-Box they might as well try to stop piracy or shut down production.

Microsoft must look at the GameCube and say wow look how little piracy they have. I guess Microsoft has no clue that if the GameCube was hot there would be 3 different ways to play backup discs. but because it has sold so poorly no one bothers to make a backup device for it. Is Microsoft so stupid as to want to emulate the GameCube? Oh well I guess they can try again with the Xbox 3.

Excellent idea, this way we can stop pirates from making illegal copies.

Pirating assist on homebased unit install, and you know what I know pirates that still by legit games once and a while. They just have to make games worth buying. :B

Considering Sony and Microshaft actually lose money off the console and depend on the games to make the money, Nintendo is actually doing ok. Personally I don’t bother with kiddys consoles anymore PC has much better stuff on it.

Sorti the Gamecube has sold more worldwide than the Xbox so your point is invalid. I personally hate the damn xbox because it takes many of the high profile PC games either first or simultaneously. The end rtesult is that PC games are becimong nothing more than console ports.

I’ll put in my me-too to say that X-Box sucks. Every time I see an X-Box demo running on screen savers, particularly if it is a game I’ve played on a decent PC, I think how awful it would be if I still had to use a Pentium III 733 with a terrible video card. XBox graphics sucked when they were new. They are that much worse by comparison now.

Currently there is no way to play xbox live games pirated. They should leave evertying the same and just make more xbox live games which people will buy. I think thats more of a win-win situation for everyone involved.