Microsoft may double Xbox investment - $2 billion over 5 years

I just posted the article Microsoft may double Xbox investment - $2 billion over 5 years.

On the Reuters website we can read that Microsoft may double its investment in their Xbox game console. It’s no secret that Microsoft is selling their console with a loss and figures released last…

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microsoft thinks they can buy everything they want. but my point still stands, the ps2 is more quality. allthough i have a xbox myself :stuck_out_tongue: because every good game comes out for it. and ps2 just has a few good ones. like my all time favorite gran turismo!!

You should see this as a good thing…it means XBox won’t just disappear like last two Sega consoles. PS2 is quality? More like overpriced. You’d still have to purchase a hard drive and modem to catch up with the XBox. I hope XBox Live does well for them, because that’s the best way to play multiplayer. Split screen sucks.

It would be bad for Microsoft to become dominant in the console market as they would create a monoply and you the game buyer would suffer the prices. Keep them in second place and the market alive. Anyway online gaming sucks.

Yes a monopoly that Sony started. Since either Sony or Microsoft don’t really give a fuck about the average gamer so there is only one option left, Nintendo. GesusK Whats wrong with split screen? maybe a little hard on your 14 inch tv i realise but if your so obssessed about online gaming, use the PC for christs sake. I own a Dreamcast and still play it, funny how it pisses all over the PS2(Piece of Shit mk2). Just goes to show its not about games but brand names.

Apology from Frofart!..Sorry I wanted to say keep Microsoft in third place and Nintendo up there in front for all gamers sake.PS There is no console war on the PC and LOOK how cheap PC games become within weeks. So lets have realistic game prices and stop subing the true cost of consoles.

With both selling at about AU$400 and games at about AU$90 av what working man can afford this as a xmas present for the kids. considering they will clock a game in about a week and want another… The sales analyists for both Sony and MS should stop fucking their secretarys long enough to find out whats going on in the real world… No wonder the trade in pirate CDs is brisk…:7