Microsoft may be planning to leave pirates without updates

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  I am sure you have heard of  the Service Pack 2 update for Windows XP. One purpose of which is to add  sorely needed security features to help protect us from the constant barrage of ...
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Why should they let thieves update a product they don’t own, I have to pay for mine and sometimes it isn’t easy but I do it. They could log the ISP and send the BSA to your door, but they choose only to not update an invalid product, they like anyone else have the right to protect their property at least their disk doesn’t have some protection on it and I can still install from my back-up copy.

Why do you need to update if your using Linux? :slight_smile:

I know what you mean kamikazee. Yet, security is an important issue so, in respect of the vast majority that do pay, it seems prudent to keep the hackers at bay on all machines. But, that’s just my opinion. I was hoping to see how others feel about this. Maybe I am wrong I don’t know. @Discman - yes it is too bad we don’t have more diversitty. It is just like real life if you are all the same a virus can be devastating. Look at the warnings by the US government about IE. We need to consider these type of vulnerabilities and use Mozilla or something.
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Discman; i thought LINUX is beeing updated continiously…

i bet they only block popular leaked keys like FCKGW-…

I’ve tried with a system that uses a key generated by the (in)famous keygen…with the same result. Maybe its a non issue and just due to preview status. If not, it’ll be interesting to see how they determine a key is gen’d when they couldn’t before.

Well it works fine on my generated key. MS need to just accept the piracy will always be an issue. Especially when the pirated versions are better since they dont have the infuriating activation.

Activation has been an infuriating issue for sure. But recently, I upgraded my PC and used the same XP OS for the “new” machine. It was a complete upgrade. Motherboard, memory, cpu (which counts as two changes), only the video card stayed the same. It did not trigger a call to MS. I was really surprised. Just the “normal” activation process. So I guess they are evolving this scheme. It used to be a lot more sensitive than this. Now that I think about it, maybe there has always been a time factor involved as well…6 months or something I can’t remember.
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I didn’t think the full release of Service Pack 2 was available yet, I guessed it was still in it’s beta stages RC2… Greets Intercept…:S

Forget about going to windows update for patches. just go here once a month.

I though everyone one by now using the FCKGW key would of been smart enough allready to change your product KEY to install SP1 and so on… for christs sake MICROSOFT tells you how to do this on their OWN SITE!!!:g common pirates get with it !!! lmao :g Lets Face it without piracy no one uses new games and no new apps wich equals= no mp3 pleayers , no cdrw drives and no DVDRW drives… and no cdr’s and on and on and no pc’s with big speed as no need as you wont be using your high end pirated app or game to run it … so please dont even talk back about this issue cause you look like a retard if you say anything against it!!! PIRACY is the reason all of us are running fast pc’s and running things we shouldnt even be running why?? well cause it is fun to run something that was never meant to be sold to u!!! so how can a company say you ate taking away their businness? f*** off mofo’s it’s business stealing apps that are causing all the problems not individuals learning new apps… peace

A couple of point: To the misguided person who said “why update if you’re running Linux”, that OS is just as vulnerable to trojans and worms as any other. The only thing saving your ass is that it’s not on the radar… YET. Your time will come if the OS ever achieves critical mass in terms of an end-user consumer user base (wait - that could mean never :slight_smile: ). I have no problem with MS blocking pirates from updates. HOWEVER, I think their licensing system is Draconian to say the least (and their EULA pure posturing which would never hold up in court). If I have six machines in my house, I should get a discounted site license - period. I should not have to pay full price for six copies of the OS. As it stands I’m going to stay away from SP2 unless I get a damned good reason to upgrade - and their so-called “security features” aren’t it by a longshot. On activation, MS needs to learn the lesson that customer inconvenience matters. This shite about “x” number of installs and then phone for a key that unlocks a single additional install is moronic to say the least. I also won’t be getting patches from any third party site - I just ain’t that trusting / gullible / stupid.

carlos, WTF. Your post is utter cods wallop. Go back to school and do an economics course not drama or social studies. Roj, why should you get a discounted site license? and anyway theyre starting to factor this thing in starting with Student Office 2003 (not academic note).

Activation has always been a pain for me. The system tells me I have to reactivate after flashing the firmware on my dvd burner because of “a major change in hardware.”

Has anyone seen a world estimate as to how many machines out there are running a pirated version of windows? It could be an army of drones for the right worm is my point. Remember what PIA Code Red was in 2002? The net was crawling for a while. That sucks. I used to watch my cable modem light flashing it’s little heart out whilst I even had my computer off. The activity on my node was freakin ridiculous.

Of course, MS did something similar with SP1 for WinXP - beat that too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I tried the V5microsoftupdate in my windows updates and now I can’t go back to the default V4 update. Any ideas? Nick:c

To jazzy how many mp3 players and cdrw drive companies where there before napster came along?? after napster?? go take a hike man!!! no offence seems like you are on the BSA and RIAA pockets… People must be sleeping how much is a DVRW drive? it has dropped 90% iin price in lesss than a year hey jazzy that dont sound like good economics buddy ?? This is the truth CDRW companies are making a killing out of Piracy from music and video ,…again jazzy seems to not think so HOW MANY companies have mp3 players now ?? dunno how many man too many!!! and cdrw drives? common man give me a break dude… without piracy these markets would not exist … are you related to jack valenti??? :d

@marcobenin- sure you can, I did. :wink: Just use system restore. XP should have set a restore point upon installation of the files. Click on Start|Help and Support|System Restore.