Microsoft may be backing HD DVD to help both formats fail

I just posted the article Microsoft may be backing HD DVD to help both formats fail.

 Going by an  engadget blog,      it appears that Microsoft may have a tactic behind backing HD  DVD, in which they may not be backing HD DVD to help it win, but instead in an aim                ...
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One thing not said about Video-On Demand is that you are at the mercy of the provider as to content and pricing. With physical media (CD, DVD, et. al.) you buy the copy once and as long as it stays in good condition you can play it a much as you want. Here’s another thought: If I should have an accident, say a fire burns down my house, or theft, with physical media an insurance company will normally pay to replace it. With digital media, an insurance company will pay to replace the computer (or media center) where I downloaded my content, but will they pay to replace all of the downloaded, legally purchased, digital content?

I completely disagree with this point of view. Microsoft is backing HD-DVD because it wants to hurt Sony and this is for sure. The rest is anachronistic. Maybe in the far future (at last 10 years) we all have BIG HD and/or Wireless High Speed broadband everywhere but in these days and in the near future customers will stuck on discs to backup their video and music to take them everywhere they want. Not to mention that the Xbox360 marketplace is SLOW I have a 4Mb ADSL and on my PC I easely reach the maximum speed while on the 360 it seems to go around 640Kb-1Mb so to download a demo or trailer in 720p is a real pain… :c

If its handled properly, then the place that you purchased the download from should let you redownload it. Something like Valve uses Steam for. The games you’ve purchased are associated with your username. After a reformat, or buying a new system, you just login, and you can redownload your games. Should work with media.

m$ deserves nothing more than a $pank for their impertinent ignorance on everything else! :S

With all the format wars and those hassles, it is no doubt that HD era is still far far away. Always wonder which exists first, chicken or egg :wink:

it’s a nice theory, but i doubt its validity. Microsoft wants HD DVD to win because of X-Box. they may have plans for “media-less” crap, but they have to know that’s far away from fruition. it’s Microsoft. it’s a big company. i’d expect them to do some market research. having said that, while i do think - eventually - everything will become digital, consumer rights, “ownership”, “security” and “insurance” have to addressed and enforced.

Where is my aluminium beanie???

don’t forget holographic storage is next, then after that, who knows. New storage of some kind will always be just around the corner, so to me, Microsoft doing something like this would be a waste of time.

I think Holographic is the way to go. 300 gigs a layer is what we need and leave the movies on DVD with CSS. :d

It’s a nice Conspiracy Theory. :d

We need to give this guy who made up the conspiracy story big claps… Very good story, I like it. :d

What both are missing out on is the fact that the average public could care less. Most people on the planet have more important things to worry about than Blue Ray , HD DVD, DVD- Audio, SACD or the difference between 480 DVD and 1080p …etc

I agree with “If its handled properly” and I do like the way Valve (with Steam) handles things. However, I believe (correct me if I’m wrong), but I do not think iTunes allows redownloading of music (i.e. you loose the song, you must pay to re-download it).

Yep we’re a long way off from a “media-less” society, think about it logically, we’re still running our data over lossy frigging copper. ADSL is already bust, they may have got it to 24Mbps, but to get a decent speed you need to live no more than 300 metres from the exchange! So unless a solution is found to this problem, i.e. the copper is replaced with Fibre, or some kind of repeater system is installed ‘media-less’ will never happen.