Microsoft & Macrovision to plug analogue hole in Windows OS

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   While many anti-piracy companies are working hard to block direct digital copying  of video content and DVDs, one major loophole that remains is the analogue  video input port such as that...
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Wow what a joke. As temping as longhorn looks, things like this secure my postion to stick with win xp for some time. Is microsoft getting serious kick backs from the entertainment companies? Do they seriously think their end users want crap like this? :frowning:

er Linux anyone?, I mean who are they kiddin. Loadsa of moneys probably going into this project and for what? Well I’ll tell ya, for about a million noobs who seriously can’t be bothered to search for loopholes (and there will be loopholes) to this technology. And if they can’t be bothered then sod 'em. Die M$ and long live Linux, Myth TV to be more specific!!! :X

Nice graphic Sean :wink: This is diappointing news. :frowning:

So all this means is that I stay with XP. Big hairy deal. I won’t even run SP-2 right now because of its various foibles. If MS keeps up this BS, they’ll find a lot more people thinking like me when it comes time to upgrade and their cash flow will suffer. Longhorn tempting? I haven’t seen one thing aobut it that appeals to be other than the fact that I’ll have to upgrade my hardware to run it (and I’m not running particularly underpowered hardware now). C’mon reactOS!!!
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MacroVision Type II & III (NTSC Only) works even on capture cards. So not sure what this is doing?

I won’t be upgrading to another MS operating system. EVER. XP is my last upgrade.

Damn you microsoft

Well I am sure as heck migrating to Longhorn. Guys, we are talking about Microsoft and Macrovision for goodness sakes! Get it? C’mon who else would we want plugging holes? :d

windows xp?? who uses XP? the last MS OS that should ever be put to use is 2k…after that its linux or an abacus!:slight_smile:

Who uses XP? Just about everyone thats who :B And when the loopholes for the horny OS are found everyone will start using that too.

Why would a company like Micro$oft go out of their way to make their software less attractive, All this is gonna do is add to the cost of developing Longhorn thus add to our cost. Poor old Billy boy must be out the back smoking drugs while his goons are in the boardroom packing the next billy…Idiots. Just 2 more words 1. Linux 2. Windows Crack… thats 3 actually :slight_smile:

Well I guess it is obvious another US company, make it 2, are going to enforce their beliefs to unrestricted profits and growth on the entire world. If only there were some good dvd encoding tools for linux that I knew of, I would never ever use an MS product again. That damn broadcast flag is nothing but BS. As if you can tell us what we can do with products that we paid for. Hell you might as well tell me what days of hte week I can drive my freaking car. Glad I live in Canada!

But this will only work if you use directshow or whatever for capturing video. If someone develops a driver that works on its own then it will bypass it. I’m guessing this is just so that average joe won’t be ripping his favourite TV shows through the video in on his graphics card. Means very little to the rest of us, except a few more ppl runnig linux of course :slight_smile:

Linux users get a clue… Linus himself has said although contraversal, he believes Linux needs DRM too. Don’t think your safe because you are using the holy grail linux against the evil force Microsoft. Your true enemy lies beyond.

How many people is this honestly going to affect… I don’t know of many people who actually record video this way. I’m sure anyone releasing anything major will be able to find an easy way around this.
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I’m not sure I understand the news brief. Does it say that Microsoft will be adding Macrovision to analog copies made through Windows, with an analog composite/S-video card? If so, that sounds a bit stupid. What if I was using my PC to transfer personal camcorder tapes to my PC for eventual burning to DVD?

this is the problem you have when you only have one choice of OS. Yea, I know theres linux, But MS dominates the market… most software is for windows… alot of the people are to stupid to use something else… what happened to “fair use” rights? again its about $$$

of cause its about $$$ not yours the producer protectin his or hers. I only see people here moaning because they think everything in life is free, wake up.

These restrictions will only be imposed on source content containing copy protection signalling such as what Macrovision add to DVDs. I’m not fully sure how this will work, but it looks like Microsoft may need to work closely with Capture card manufacturers such that 3rd party video capture software does not become another loophole. For video sources without any such protection such as from a Camcorder, video camera, etc., I’m sure the OS will not attempt to guard this.
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