Microsoft loads up for pirate raids

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Submitted by: Stevie Wonder
Source: ZDNet

Microsoft Corp. said it has stepped up its crackdown on software piracy in recent months and announced actions against 7,500 Internet listings for…

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M$ try beating pirates in Asia, go to any shop and u see pirated software. and how are u gonna crackdown on that espiceally as the cops usually know but dont do shit.

I agree with RISC.
In Thailand,Indonesia ect.
You can buy in every LEGAL gameshop games for one or two
Ever go there for your hollidays mr Gate??

Since when have Microsoft OS’s been free? Ok, I have never payed for them, but in principle

Well if u do use the feature then you are now officially one of the chosen ones on Microsoft’s list

Don’t you know Ms snoops around your pc whenever they get half a chance

MS Sucks big fat c*m filled cock. I wish they’d just hurry up and get broken up by the US courts. U know they’re gonna drag it on for ages though. Thank god their OS is free. I’d cry if I thought I’d ever have to pay for Windows. Oh yeah, I have to give them credit though, I do love their update feature which I use regularly.