Microsoft limits MP3 quality in Windows XP?

I just posted the article Microsoft limits MP3 quality in Windows XP ?.

Reuters reports that Microsoft and competitor RealNetworks, are working hard to compete with MP3. There is a rumor that Microsoft will put a piece of code in Windows XP that will disable users to…

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is it me or is this another lame piece of shit from M$ ? “that will disable users to encode a MP3 file above a certain bitrate…” - “will sound clearer and require far less storage space on a computer…” Ummm!! lets say they restrict it to 96kbit/s … and you have Wma at lets say 224kbit/s … wouldnt the MP3 take up less space than WMA ?!? hmm! yes So lets all salute the person from either M$ or Cdfreaks. this person have actually found a compression for his beloved WMA which makes WMA around 10x better than MP3. wonder why everyone isnt using WMA then :wink: hehehe :7

It’s the same old song …

I personally reckon this is total BS. Microsoft aren’t that stupid and I’m sure it wouldn’t be legal for them to try and cripple a format like that. They might do it in some versions of XP but they definitely wont be doing it in all of them. They’d have too much to loose. Even if they do do it, someone will hack it.

probably it just means that the mp3 codec shipping with the OS will only have limited bitrates – it would be impossible for them to prevent encoders like lame or acat from encoding at higher bitrates. it’s similar to saying windows 95 had no mp3 support…it didn’t, so what? encoding utils will still run fine on it.

Maybe it’s the usual “we broke something & cant fix it” bug M$ seem 2 have :4 and they decided to call it there “mp3 security”

Ripped from The relationship between Windows Media Player 8 and the MP3 audio format is widely misunderstood. Basically, WMP8 will be able to playback MP3 files, but encoding (or “ripping”) CD audio into MP3 format will require an MP3 plug-in. So during the Windows XP beta, Microsoft is supplying a sample MP3 plug-in for testing purposes, but it’s limited to 56 Kbps rips, which is pretty useless. Fortunately, there’s a way around this. Fire up the Registry Editor and navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft MediaPlayer Settings MP3Encoding Here, you’ll see sub-keys for LowRate and LowRateSample, which of course equates to the single 56 Kbps sample rate you see in WMP8. To get better sampling rates, try adding the following keys (Using New then DWORD value): “LowRate” = DWORD value of 0000dac0 “MediumRate” = DWORD value of 0000fa00 “MediumHighRate” = DWORD value of 0001f400 “HighRate” = DWORD value of 0002ee00 Now, when you launch WMP8 and go into Tools, then Options, then Copy Music, you will have four encoding choices for MP3: 56 Kbps, 64 Kbps, 128 Kbps, and 192 Kbps. Because this sample encoder will not be available in the final release of Windows XP, this tip will probably be applicable only during the beta.