Microsoft launches Windows Media 8

I just posted the article Microsoft launches Windows Media 8….

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Microsoft brings us something that could be even better then MP3 !

Microsoft out with Windows Media 8.


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If this is all true, and it works (doubting M$? Me?), it will save lots of space.

Someone please RIP and hack version 8 from MS and release a new format using the same compression but without any copyright information stored with it. The quality is damn good. I just checked it out. It’s near divx quality but streaming.
This is VERY impressive. If it wasn’t MS I’d love it. Someone hack it so we can all use it to encode our DVD’s

Isn’t it a little hipocritical this. I mean they ‘loose millions every year’ through piracy and then they provide the PERFECT tool for us to do the same to the music industry! All the same… neat tool if it works… first decent thing Microshit oops soft has done for years!

Anyway, didn’t MS get caught with a load of warez cds of rivals games in their HQ recently. Hey they dont pay for other peoples S/ware… why should we pay for theirs…

Hehe, feels almost strange to say this, but this kicks ass!
Well done Microsoft!

Ive been using WMA for a while now, I thought version 7 gave better quality to size than mp3, And this sounds even better.
Even Windows Media Player 7 lets you copy CD`s to WMA without copyright protection.
Im hopeing that wont change for WMA 8

I expect nothing good from M$

Ok enough is enough. You little wannabe friken MS haters piss me off. Yes M$ has done some questionable things in the past and probably present. Yes they have put out crap and probably will continue. But so do other companies, not only that they haven’t done anything that any other succesfull hasn’t allready done or will do and don’t fool yourself by thinking that your beloved favorite software company wouldn’t. Sorry to rant but im tired of people hating M$ just because its the cool thing to do. Come up with something more inventive to say. This programm rocks and thats a fact.


Hmm, verry impressive.
Microsoft have clearly overdone themselves this time!

Shut up Grazztoker! Are you stoned?

M$ costs that Company in wich i work about 15.000$ fuckin american dollars because of pirated Software we used!

should have had some LEGAL stuff then ey?

Ya f@cking duh! When your a corp you don’t use pirated software unless your willing to pay the price!..and they say I’m the high one


if someone in here is stoned,
then it must be me…

This sucks ass (at least for now it does)

The 250k videostream gave ±5frames in 4min (with a cable connection)

the music stream was ok but not exactly so much better as the one from real player…

ok, Grazztoker. You’re right. If other companies do that questionable things they should expect the same reaction from the people. But it’s me who’s tired of those pieces of crap called windows or i.explorer or another M$ products that breaks at the first opportunity. So sorry if i don’t like M$.

most impressive,some bloke at microsoft knows how to code very well

Maybe they should get him to do windows???

Wow, this is good stuff. And don’t forget. You can still capture these video’s with ASFrecorder. Christina looks great in 400K.

where can i get asfrecorder???

If you understand Dutch visit
if not go to

Have fun!!!

BTW Who knows how to convert asf to mpeg?