Microsoft Launches Unexpected New Hardware



We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft Launches Unexpected New Hardware[newsimage][/newsimage]

Microsoft kept a few surprises up its sleeve for today’s product launches. Read further to find out more.

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Somehow, I’m willing to bet that installing free (as in freedom) software on this new laptop will be much more difficult than it would be on any other brand-name machine (even Lenovo). That’s bad, since Microsoft seems obsessed with forcing as much malware on the public as it can.


So far the Surface Book seems to be getting rave reviews and I see Microsoft are touting it as the fastest laptop on the planet.

I always take these sorts of claims with a pinch of salt but we’ll get a better idea of how things really are when the first in depth reviews start to appear.



It’s a nice laptop/tablet for sure, but starting at $1500 for only an i3 model it’s very much a specialist device only or for people that like to have the latest thing. The fastest model is an eye watering $2700. You’re paying a high premium for the 2in1 function.


I’d say Microsoft is trying to grab the attention of wealthy shoppers who tend to look at the upper end of the price range with hope that the familiar Microsoft branding and sleek looks will lure such shoppers away from the Apple products that tend to grab all the attention. :wink: