Microsoft launches peer to peer software -the different approach

I just posted the article Microsoft launches peer to peer software -the different approach.

Microsoft has launced an application that makes use of peer to peer technology. The software called three degrees allows you to share music and information on a very easy way. Using Microsoft…

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send animations and other files to your friends desktop ?? lol with the security history :+ of M$ products I can’t wait to see the new generation of scripts, exploits backdoors and trojans as well as virii this this will engender :r

How ironic will it be when this is used to warez Windows? :d

Yeah, This could be just what I was looking for to easily share my warez/music and video’s with all my friends. Thanks MS!! :slight_smile:

With MS behind this it will be like masterbating on a crowded commuter train…EVERYBODY will know what your doing…:7

I see the words ‘MSN’ ‘Messenger’ ‘Passport’ or ‘Hotmail’ and run. Things like this should be done by a separate, non-Microsoft program. THen you would get better performance and things such as Linux and Mac support, which would broaded the community.

Okay, first and foremost, it’s got Microsoft’s name on it, so that’s the first reason to mistrust (what, are they going to be tracking your actions, then sending you ads pertaining to your specialties? then busting you for wArEzing or sharing music?). Second, I’m presuming WMP9 will be involved, since every time they produce something it interfaces with that piece of work… good golly, let’s see if you can play that song a second time or preserve it forever. And third, there’s already a system they describe in effect without the hidden hooks: sharing music with buddies on AOL’s Instant Messenger. What, not enough people wArEzing on MS Msgr?

c’mon. M$ is just dying to get all the filesharers onto their networks so they can have no legal qualms about getting our IP and sending them off to the RIAA and MPAA. Opensource filesharing is the only way. Non-M$

I have never been to fond of Microsoft because of their predatory practices and their Operating System being inferrior. However I like the fact that they are promoting file swapping with their new P2P technology software. So because of this I would say I like Microsoft just a little bit better.

Lets face it, M$ only does things cause it can see $$$$ in doing so. Do not believe anything other than that!