Microsoft Launches MSN Music store a day ahead of schedule

I just posted the article Microsoft Launches MSN Music store a day ahead of schedule.

           Microsoft has released a beta version of its MSN  Music store on Wednesday where consumers can purchase music for 99 cent a track.  However, its  Windows media player 10 is to...
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Who cares…not me.:stuck_out_tongue:

Fck MSN music store, since it will sell music in shtty WMA format

MS is trying to be the Jack-of-all-trade again! :frowning: Microsoft is a synonym for Monopoly…

Will they never, ever learn? I’m not talking about microsoft here, but any of these so-called “legal” downloading services. As long as they provide a service that is inferior in every way to the free alternatives, there is no way they can win.

I completely agree with the above posters! What I don’t understand is that the article mentions that Microsoft isn’t in it for a profit BUT is selling their music at 99 cents a pop. Apple is selling songs for 99 cents each as well and Apple IS in it for profit. So how is it that Microsoft ISN’T making a profit at the same price point as Apple?? If they REALLY didn’t want profit, they would drop the price to say 50 cents or 75. This is another BS lie from Microsoft that is digging that hole all the more deeper.

I think that before bashing Microsoft, the facts need to be investigated first. So the songs from MSN Music can be burned onto CDs as well as WMA players. This information was disclosed in their presspack on the microsoft website on Sept. 1st and I would have thought this author would have found that information. I think when it comes to monopoly in this market, Apple is the culprit. They don’t license their format to any other online vendor and is proprietary only to iTunes. The WMA format is used by MSN Music, Napster, Music Match, and many other online music stores with the exception of Apple. Although I prefer MP3s, to do this business, there is no rights management built into the mp3 format so that was built into WMA.

One other thing I forgot to mention is that the songs from MSN Music were playable on Winamp as well as what seems to be any other player that supports DRM (digital rights management) WMA’s. As I hate the WMP10 player, I did like that Microsoft allowed me to use WinAmp.