Microsoft launches Internet Explorer 8

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Microsoft today released Internet Explorer 8, the latest version of its Internet browser that many PC enthusiasts love to hate. The Redmond-based company says IE 8 deals with security and…

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LMAO I dont give a crap about IE 8, the Damage has been done and I will never use IE period in fact I use SeaMonkey web browser with IRC and Email client built in. Your move Microsoft???
For me SeaMonkey feels much more snappier than even Firefox 3

Ever since Vista being the biggest load of garbage that I believe MS ever delivered. I still insist on using my old machine because I refuse to buy any new machine that has Vista on it. Yeah, I could purchase the operating system (XP Pro) and put it on the machine, but I would be giving MS the Profits from that transaction. If there was an opportunity for a different operating system but still keep my business running developing Oracle Applications, I would definatly be on the Move. I cannot stand using IE for anything, it is slow, invasive, and just garbage. I don’t want to give them another chance, I use Mozilla Firefox. Just my opinion and I know everybody has one.

Looks like MS is trying to catch up with Firefox. I will never use IE again.

Here here. Unfortunately for me, my company’s web-based main software does not play well with Firefox, so I am forced to use IE for that, but it is 100% common for my task bar to have IE open for that one application but the rest running in Firefox. Screw MS. :Z

Why is this story even here? What does it have to do with media storage or hardware of any kind?

This story is here to give all of the people who hate Microsoft, Sony and other big corporations a chance to vent once more and imply their fervent wish that all software and hardware companies operate out of a garage or somebody’s mother’s basement.

“IE still has control of the Internet search engine market” …Ummm…can we say TYPO…I think Google has control of the search engine market. I think you meant to say Internet Browser market.

Good catch, thanks!

I’ve always used IE, not liked, but used. I tried Fire Fox for a few months back in 2007, but ended up not liking it because of severe compatibility issues at that time. I’m sure in the past couple of years Firefox/Mozilla has overcome this issue and MANY more to say the least, does everyone here hate IE or truly believe FireFox is that much better? Let me know your thoughts, I’d of course make the switch is Firefox offers the same feature-set at IE and is faster; that’s all I/anyone cares for.

All I know is I tried ie8 last night, out of curiosity. It does not work. I am amazed at how bad it is. Firefox for me.

IE is a sick joke. It’s non standards-compliant, unstable, a magnet for malware and woefully insecure.

Firefox leaves IE for DEAD.

I made a post above, but I don’t know if anyone read it. I would be willing to make the switch from IE to Firefox, but I was asking what the actual differences and benefits are? If someone could point these out, it would really help… sounds like there should be a lot :wink:

Dual Layer;

  I as being a developer have used IE, when they hit about version 6, it seamed like things really started running slow. One of my biggest complaints, plus 9 times out of 10 it would just hang on me. Then, I also perceived that most of your virus and hackers are after Microsoft. There is no chance of me going to IE 8, Microsoft is known for leaving holes in their security. Not to say all the other Web Browsers are not 100% virus proof, I just don't believe the focus is there. I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time.

  So the one I use the most now is the Mozilla Firefox version 3.0.7. I'm in total agreement with you that a couple of years ago, it was crap, but it has been cleaned up considerably.  There are also other alternatives that I have also used like AOL Explorer and Google Chrome, they all have their different attributes, it is all in the way you use the Web on your day to day use and what works best for you.

I’m back, and I have to admit (especially to you Sblindgren), FF and Chrome are worlds ahead of IE. Ha, I was simply stubborn and assumed IE was the best because of the years and $ behind Microsoft; yikes I was off on that one! I downloaded Chrome and FF, and first of all Chrome is FAST, and Firefox is very well rounded. I have been having a LOT of issues the past week with the ‘release 1’ version of IE8 that just came out, YUCK. I couldn’t properly navigate my email or travel sites like Expedia or Travelocity!

Chrome handeled everything VERY well and I like the startup page of visual mini-tabs of most visited! Firefox has built in spell check and is much faster than IE!

If anyone has any tips on how to get more out of FF or Chrome, let me know I already changed my default browser away from IE on my computer just today! :slight_smile: Thanks for the great advice… I didn’t think so many member from could be wrong :wink: