Microsoft launches IE9 beta with competitive feature set

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Microsoft launched the highly-anticipated beta version of Internet Explorer 9 on Wednesday, with some new features designed to help it better compete against popular rivals Firefox and Chrome.

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Tried it, then removed it again as it doesn’t display many sites properly.

You’re somewhat slow :bigsmile:


I’ll wait till the second or third update first. If it isn’t better than IE8 I won;t even think about it. Too many people go cheap when designing software and require IEx for it to run and that is the only reason I use it. It just seems to get slower with each update. IE8 freezes up all the time.

Of course the trend of web designers to make sites so big they don’t fit the width of a new laptop is a big mistake. IT’s a web page not an art gallery.

Interestingly, MS does heavily advertise IE9beta. They didn’t do such before, IIRC. Betas were somewhat “secret” in former times.


[QUOTE=mciahel;2544792]You’re somewhat slow :bigsmile:


Ugh… Sorry Michael. I looked a couple of times and swear I didn’t see it!

I’m like Dee I installed it yesterday and un-installed today if it doesn’t improve by
the final release then I’ll stick with IE8 and Firefox from now on. :iagree:

Tried it, slower than IE8. Also has multiple problems with MSN homepage, but then did IE8. How embarrassing would it be for one part of your company to not be compatible with another part. I used to love IE, but I will admit they have their heads up their asses, in Redmond. I believe they don’t know what the hell they are doing.

[QUOTE=mciahel;2544792]You’re somewhat slow :bigsmile:


Maybe they should be merged :bigsmile:


Does not and will never run on XP (So MS say).