Microsoft/Kenwood DPC-MP727 portable CD player

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Microsoft and Kenwood have got together to unveil a portable CD player which is capable of playing back more than 22 hours of CD quality music from a single CD. The Kenwood DPC-MP727 portable player…

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The Creative Labs Jukebox is much better. It can hold the equiv of 150CDs of music on an internal 6GB hard disc and has EAX sound enhancement technology. It is the elephants bollocks of the MP3 world. :7

It is also available now and is the size of a cd player. It runs on 4 AA rechargeable batteries.

AND! if you check you will see that you can use any hard drive that fits in a notebook (2,5" i think)… for ex. a 20GB HD…how’s that? I think that rules! But I will wait till theres a firewire version :slight_smile: Loading 20GB of MP3 with an USB can be really really boring and hot :stuck_out_tongue: