Microsoft joins the DVD+RW Alliance

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Other DVD news from CeBIT. Microsoft has joined the DVD+RW Alliance. MS had expressed before that it prefers this format. Now they have officially joined the Alliance which consists of other big…

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Crap! Just bought a 105 ten minutes ago :g Still it’s a good buy - i’ll wait for blu-ray next i suppose. dvd-r all the way!

I bought the best of both worlds at Compusa about a month ago. The Sony DRU-500a and I have no problems with it. A very wonderful burner. Works great under Clonecd. later pete

the sony is good apart from the fact it records a unique serial number to each disc so it can be traced back to your recorder or so i hear dont have one so no way to verify

Microsoft has specified OpenDML AVI files 7 years ago, but not even today can their DirectShow filters create such files according to the specification. If they can’t even implement AVI handling within 7 years, then how long is DVD+RW support going to take until it works?

UNCOGNITO: From a NEC/LG salesman? :d

alexno: they’ll buy it off a third party like their current CD burning engine in their OS… :9

This is old news, Microsoft has been in kahoots with this mob for a long time. Initially because the +RW standard did not support, or work when recording movies for playback on your dvd player.

Lets hope (in light of the betacord/vhs fiasco) consumers are better (meaning truthfully) informed… All I have gleaned so far is that (correct me if I’m wrong) -r is better recording multimedia/music…:7

uncognito… where did you hear that? The only similar thing I heard is thaat dvdxcopy does it, as well as embedding a watemark, so that if you use it for pirating it can be traced back to you.

FUCK…FUCK…and FUCK! If MicroSHIT already decided to join +RW camp then we r fucked! The -R/RW is a much better DVD format…just like Beta was better than VHS until Sony squashed it. I just hope the OpenSource community does not inclined towards da +RW/R because of industry pressure! If they are, i’m going to write my own software to support da -RW/R and give it away for free. Enough of this + crap!

The plus format is slightly better from everything I’ve read and now the stores are carrying the + disc at reasonable price so it looks good.

Am I the only one who notices the price difference between DVD- and DVD+ ? I have a DRU-500ax, one of the first out, and I have yet to use a DVD+ disc except for the DVD+RW that came with the drive. Other than that I’ve been using -R media because they work just fine and they’re cheaper, by almost a dollar each. I think that will keep DVD-R alive unless DVD+ takes a dramatic price swing downward which doesn’t appear likely anytime soon. After there’s a ton of DVD- drives out there and a larger number of multiformat burners, I think both formats will stick around for a while because there’s really no powerful reason for choosing one over another.

I would not recommened going for a dedicated ‘-’ or ‘+’ format, but instead just get a dual format recorder. This way, no matter what format wins, you won’t lose out :slight_smile:

“If MicroSHIT already decided to join +RW camp then we r fucked! The -R/RW is a much better DVD format…just like Beta was better than VHS until Sony squashed it.” Sony was pro-Beta, it was their format!